Service levels

Promedim tailors its service levels and options to meet specific CRO, Biotech, Device and Pharma requirements.

Service Levels

Fully managed service

The complete level of service providing peace-of-mind coverage and taking on-call trial support completely on your hands

  • Promedim’s highly-skilled medical experts on call 24/7
  • Fully integrated with Promedim24 technology

Hybrid of Promedim technology and client teams

Research sponsors and investigators can use Promedim’s technology and control center to:

  • Manage their own medical support teams
  • Combine both teams, with Promedim physicians providing cover when client experts are unavailable, such as overnight or at weekends.

Independent medical services

Promedim services are not exclusively tied to its proprietary applications. Our expert teams and advisory board also provide broader support services across the clinical trial lifecycle.

  • Out of hours emergency coverage 24/7
  • Day-to-day project team and investigator support
  • Medical review of CRFs to improve data quality