Accessibility through iOS,
android and web

Multi-point access to a cloud-based app allows physicians to control availability and access secure study protocols, and sponsors to access a continuous audit trail.


Promedim provides peace of mind for our clients and enhanced support with on-call medics while increasing compliance with regulatory standards and trial protocols.

Our promedim24 system ensures that trial investigators and healthcare providers have rapid, 24/7 real-time access to relevant medical expertise, high-quality advice and unrivalled customer service.

We are dedicated to providing a fully transparent interface between clinical trial investigators and on-call physicians. Calls to our global control centre are processed according to a clearly defined triage method, connecting the person making the information request directly to a relevant medical expert.

Our system ensures that the Medical Experts listed in the on-call rota understand the aims of the trial and have access to all relevant, up-to-date information and protocols.

The promedim24 technology solution

promedim24 oers a fully validated and compliant methodology for medical oversight of clinical trials. It features an electronic signature function to monitor actions and provides secure cloud-based storage for essential study documentation.

promedim24 features a clearly defined audit trail with continuous recording of physician provision, so it is always clear which medics are available. Visibility and usability are key elements of a successful system. Using a smartphone or computer, medics can log in from any location to select level of availability and to access trial documents; sponsors and project teams can monitor coverage at any time, ensuring full transparency and compliance throughout the trial.